What Is A Long Term Rental Agreement On A Car

Long-term car rental is flexible, convenient and extremely inexpensive. From a 28-day base point, a long-term car rental is suitable for a customer who needs a car for a number of weeks or months, unlike daily car hire, such as a foreign driver. B who visits the UK for an extended period or a new employee. Basically, there is no difference between long-term car rental and short-term car rental, it`s just two sets of jargon that people use to refer to the same thing. From the customer`s point of view, long-term car rental works as follows: Alternatively, you can get firm contracts from 3 months to 24 months with a first payment followed by a fixed monthly payment number agreed in advance. Our products are services are not financing agreements and all vehicles remain our property for the duration of the lease, and it is not possible to buy the vehicle. Our cheapest short-term rental offers are listed in the medium- and long-term sections. The duration of the contract and the number of kilometres included during the duration of the contract are detailed. For more information about vehicles, see the „Information“ bar. However, the prices shown exclude VAT and maintenance, since most vehicles are available for less than 12 months, they would not normally require maintenance or other replacements, provided that the included Nsover payment is not exceeded. Of course, we can offer you a maintenance pack for extra security if necessary. To find out more about one of the cars, simply click „Inquire“ about each car that is of interest, a request car will then appear at the bottom right of your screen.

Just click „Edit/fill in“ and fill in your data. You will receive an email offer at the address listed, as well as details on how to get an order for your chosen car. As mentioned above, we recently launched our brand new fleet management system, Foursky. Customers can use the online portal to manage their car rental from start to finish, 24/7. Most people just think you are able to rent a vehicle over a shorter period of time, but that`s certainly not the case. The cost of long-term vehicle rentals has fallen directly in recent years, so this month we listed the main benefits for you and your business.

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