Dhs Enterprise Agreement 2017-20

Once an assessment has been made, the applicable percentage applies only to the corresponding rate of pay. Workers covered by the provisions of the calendar are entitled to the same terms of employment as all other workers covered by this agreement. (1) Basic salaries as of June 20, 2013 were increased by USD 300 before the 3.0% salary increase. This reflects the advancement of the 2011 ATO Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 6.33 MB) (3) If the employee`s qualification is at a level recognized by NAATI to be a paraprofessional interpreter; or is assessed by the delegate at the appropriate level. Holiday (or another day replaced by a public holiday) on Easter Saturday and the first working day after Boxing Day. These rates of pay apply only to workers who finish as a cadet before the start of this agreement if these workers are under the age of 21. The provisions of paragraphs 14 and 102 apply to all cadets under the age of 21 who are engaged at the beginning or after the beginning of this agreement. Overtime on public holidays is paid at one and a half hours. When a worker performs the normal service on a public holiday, customs is due during the normal working time to one and a half years, in addition to the payment for the leave – Payment is only applicable if the child participates in an accredited school holiday program. This timetable sets out the conditions for workers who, because of the effects of a disability, are entitled to a salary assisted in accordance with these conditions. The adoption of changing priorities is essential to creating a safe and flexible employment environment in the public service. The parties recognized the importance of ensuring that employees could be used reactively to support government priorities. Cadet SPG (While the organization of practical training in work figures in brackets represents the time to devote to recognized training activities.

If there is no number in brackets, we are assumed to be 20%. . Work tests should include introduction or training, depending on the workplace being tested. Under-18s (if required prior to this agreement) Enterprise Agreement 2017 (EA) continues with three pay increases on August 4, 2020, August 4, 2021 and August 4, 2022 under ATO 2019. b) workers who are required to perform temporary or permanent EL2 tasks at a higher work value. If a worker is forced to end during normal working hours to work the remaining two and a half days of The end of Christmas to provide essential services, the worker has the option of obtaining one and a half hours of overtime or enjoying free time instead of half. The time worked during these two and a half days outside of regular working time is paid in overtime at twice. EL1 OAP3 rates of pay apply only to workers who were included or transported in these pay scales on or before June 30, 2006. The workers covered by this schedule are those who, because of the impact of a disability on their productive capacity, are unable to perform the range of tasks at the skill level required in the classification for which the worker works under this agreement and who meet the disability criteria for the granting of a disability pension.

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