Csp Indirect Provider Agreement

Indirect sales terms provide that Microsoft can terminate them without reason by notifying your company 30 days before the time limit is set aside. This notification is our written notification that Microsoft intends to terminate your contract without reason effective August 31, 2019. Define indirect resellers for the management of certain customers and subscriptions See switch from CSP solutions provider (CSP) to indirect CSP reseller for information on switching from a direct billing partner to an indirect reseller. Resello`s Microsoft CSP specialists are closely following the introduction of the new Microsoft partnership agreement. We will keep our partners informed of all relevant information in the coming months and will advise and assist our partners in the adoption of the new agreement. If you have any further questions at this stage, please contact us. The Microsoft Partnership Agreement (MPA) is the new Microsoft contract for all Microsoft chain partners. This new agreement will be modular. Terms and conditions that depend on your organization`s relationship with Microsoft, the type of partner and your organization`s offers are qualified for sale. The new tech Data Additional Terms for Microsoft Cloud products have been downloaded into StreamOne, replacing the old microsoft Cloud Product amendment.

The main terms of the agreement remain unchanged, among the main differences: the agreement will be available in anticipation from 31 July. As of September 1, PSC partners will be able to accept the agreement. Indirect resellers must accept Microsoft`s partnership agreement if they connect to the partner center dashboard to access CSP customers. Choose Finished. The new customer is displayed in your customer list, which is attached to the indirect dealer. The reseller now has access to the administrator`s account information and subscriptions and can manage subscriptions on behalf of the customer. By working with an indirect provider, you can offer your customers a wider choice of Microsoft cloud-based services and solutions. Indirect suppliers have the systems and infrastructure to provide a robust level of billing and support. If you rely on it in this way, you can focus on your technology solutions and customer commitments. If you register as an indirect reseller for the CSP program, you do not purchase products directly from Microsoft or you will be billed directly by Microsoft. Instead, you work with indirect suppliers (also called distributors) that trade directly with Microsoft. New resellers are entering the market looking for ways to offer their solutions to customers outside their markets and territorial schemes.

As a well-established technology provider, you are well placed to find your way to the market. Work with indirect resellers in the Solution Provider (CSP) cloud to connect with other partners, bring new solutions to market and promote customer deployment of cloud services. Select Invite new customers to ask a new customer at the same time to authorize reseller relationships with you and your indirect supplier. Make sure you have the customer`s email address at your fingertips so you can email the customer. As an indirect supplier, you use the Partner Center: After that date, the MPA is the agreement that allows partners to act as indirect resellers as part of the Cloud Solution Provider program. We advise you to run the MPA as soon as it is available. If an indirect provider wants to connect you to the Partner Center, it launches the following workflow: In the indirect (two-tier) reseller model, you work with indirect resellers to deliver Microsoft Cloud solutions to customers. You buy products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft, and then offer these solutions to customers through your resellers.

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