What Are The Main Points Of Disagreement Snowball And Napoleon

At this point, pigs have gained more power: they were once „overseers“, but now they decide on „all matters of agricultural policy“. Although these decisions have not yet been ratified by the other animals, Orwell suggests that pigs are slowly but steadily gaining ground. But with the „bitterly harsh weather“ that arrives this winter, the „bitterly harsh“ debates between Snowball and Napoleon are also multiplying. In fact, „debate“ is not the right term, as only Snowball tries to use rhetoric and logic to influence other animals – Napoleon uses a number of what Squealer would later call „tactics“ to get out of it. For example, Napoleon spends time during the week training sheep to break into their „four good legs, two bad legs,“ which bleat at „crucial moments“ in Snowball`s speeches; Packing meetings with his own ignorant supporters is Napoleon`s calculated strategy here. His release of the nine dogs later in the chapter is Napoleon`s ultimate „debate technique“: violence, not oratory, is Napoleon`s way of settling disagreements. Mollie`s defection characterizes her as an even greater materialist than she seemed to be earlier in the novel. The fact that she is bribed by Animal Farm with sugar and ribbons – two objects that Snowball condemned as useless for freedom in Chapter 2 – shows her desire for luxury without making the necessary sacrifices to preserve it. She is a defector from Animal Farm policy and is never mentioned by other animals who find her abandonment of animalism and rebellion shameful. However, despite their implicit condemnation, the pigeons report that „she seemed to be having fun“ – much more than the animals that stay on the farm. Mollie may be politically superficial in the eyes of her former comrades, but she manages to secure a much more comfortable life, which raises the question of whether it is better to live with her enemies or suffer with her comrades. The novel ultimately suggests that Mollie made the wise decision to leave Animal Farm, even if she didn`t (to be fair) for political or moral reasons.

The windmill itself is a symbol of technological progress. Snowball wants it built because he believes it will bring a certain level of self-sufficiency to the farm – which is consistent with the principles of animalism. However, Napoleon does not care about the windmill (and even urinates on Snowball`s plans for it) because he is only interested in establishing his totalitarian regime. In the windmill debate, Snowball argues that animals only have to work three days a week after construction, while Napoleon argues that „if they wasted time on the windmill, they would all starve.“ Winter is coming and Mollie is working less and less. .

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