Ucl Internship Agreement

Internship Agreement is typical of internships in France, but some organizations in other European countries may also require students to enter into an Internship Agreement or similar agreement before starting an internship. At present, Study Abroad can only issue agreements for students who are doing internships in their home country or remotely. For more information on finding international internships, check out the UCL Careers Global Internships program. For each internship that takes place in whole or in part during the semester period, the agreements are only signed if the internship has been approved by the student`s department. If you want to publish an internship offer for students of the Louvain School of Management, be sure to follow the following instructions: Finally, there is a section in which you must describe the tasks you agreed during your internship. Here it is important to be attentive to the details, because due to these agreed tasks, the head of your department or internship coordinator must be able to approve your internship agreement with the company. The tasks must match your learning objectives for the internship. You will find them in the program. If you have any questions, you can contact your specialist professor or one of the internship advisors in your department. Questions about internship offers for LSM students? Please note that for the duration of the internship, you must be a currently registered student in order for City to present an internship contract or internship agreement. We are not able to enter into agreements for students who have already completed their course or will complete their course during the internship. If the student wishes to extend the duration of the internship and one of the aforementioned agreements has already been concluded (and no other conditions of the previous agreement are modified), it is necessary to sign by all parties a renewal document setting the new end of the internship.

Indicate the duration of the internship with the slider to the left of the form To all students who are considering an internship, please also view the briefing information available on this student mobility team website (even if your internship is not organized by the student mobility team, some of them remain relevant): warwick.ac.uk/services/studentopportunity/studentmobility/studyabroad/beforeyougo Regardless of current legislation Rif, LSM requires the company to reimburse the apprentice for the costs it incurred during the internship. . . .

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