Tmo Co Device Agreement

Visit a T-Mobile Store to see our large selection of devices. Buy, order, update or simply check the price of our phones, tablets and accessories. Whatever your style, we have a device for you. The Agreement is the entire agreement between you and us regarding the rights you have with respect to your Service, unless this is provided by law and you cannot rely on other documents or statements from distribution or service representatives or other agents. Upgrade to a new device. You can use our installation purchase installation plan (POIP), which is a nine-month interest-free installment payment plan. You will be informed if you have the right to use this option. For POIP, log in to My T-Mobile: 1. Log in to My T-Mobile.

2. Click on billing. 3. Under „JUMP!“ On demand, click View rental details. 4. Click on the instalment payment plan to get. 5. Check the payment information.

A payment for taxes is due today, and then there will be nine monthly payments. 6. Enter the payment details, then click Agreement and continue. 7. Complete the electronic signature process. 8. Once the transaction is complete, a confirmation message is displayed. Log in to POIP in the T-Mobile app: 1. Launch the T-Mobile app. 2. Tap on „Billing & Payments“ on the lease expires soon. Take action.

3. Tap on the installment payment plan received. 4. Check the payment information. A payment for taxes is due today, and then there will be nine monthly payments. 5. Enter the payment details, then tap on the agreement and continue. 6.

Complete the electronic signature process. This may require the agreement to be sent by email and authorized on a computer. 7. Once the transaction is complete, a confirmation message is displayed. Credit and qualification service required. You must exchange a device in good condition in the participating T-Mobile store and upgrade to an eligible leased device. There are 30 days between upgrades. Participating stores & selected devices. Domestic roaming. Your device can connect to another provider`s network („off-net“). This can happen even if you are in the T-Mobile refueling zone. Check your device to make sure you`re not on the net.

Please do not abuse it; We may restrict or terminate your service if you do so. Your device can also connect to another provider`s secure Wi-Fi network. SEE WHAT USES ARE ALLOWED AND PROHIBITED FOR MY DEVICE AND THE SERVICE? for more information. Take your rented device to a T-Mobile store and exchange it up to once a month. View full terms After your rental agreement expires, a tax is displayed on your invoice for the remaining purchase option price of your device, plus taxes. We are expanding our network to provide a consistent high-speed data service, but at a time and in places where the number of customers using the network exceeds the available network resources, customers will see their data rates reduced. In these cases, customers who choose certain pricing plans may notice lower speeds than customers with other T-Mobile branded rates, which are higher priority on our network. In order to provide as many customers with T-Mobile plans as possible with the best possible surviving experience and to minimize capacity issues and network performance deterioration, we may take all necessary steps without notice to manage our network regardless of content, including prioritizing all online data against the HotSpot Mobile smartphone (Tethering) and for the vast majority of pricing plans. Continue to prioritize the data usage of a small percentage of strong data users using more than 50 GB of data in a billing cycle, below that of all other customers in times and in places where customers compete for network resources, for the rest of the billing cycle.

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