Resident Doctors Of Bc New Collective Agreement

Upon written request and within sixty-eight (78) weeks of the birth of the child, a resident shall also be granted unpaid parental leave for a maximum of sixty-one (61) consecutive weeks. Parental leave usually begins immediately after maternity leave, unless the employer agrees for reasons such as premature delivery or a hospitalized infant. (C) The Committee shall meet and do everything in its power to reach an amicable agreement on the outstanding matter. The term resident does not cover medical, dentistry or podiatry physicians, who fall under the tax responsibility of other agencies. Maritime Resident Doctors (formerly IRAP-MP) represents more than 550 residents who train at Dalhousie University and practice in hospitals and health centres in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the IEP. We employ five people who work continuously to improve the well-being of our members. In addition to negotiating the collective agreement and improving working conditions, we manage the residents` benefit plan, set up numerous wellness events throughout the year, and communicate regularly with our members through email explosions and a quarterly newsletter. We also manage our Healthy Resident Fund, which funds individual programs to set up mental health or wellness initiatives for residents. During the Christmas and New Year holiday period, residents can choose to take five consecutive days off instead of three days instead of three for each legal holiday. The five consecutive days take into account Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year`s Day, as well as 2 weekend days – this applies to all residents, whether or not they work on statutory holidays.

Workers who participate in a return-to-work program for fourteen hours four (14.4) hours or more per week are entitled to all benefits under the Agreement on a proportional basis, with the exception of health and dental insurance, which must be paid in accordance with Article 15 of the Collective Agreement. Your collective agreement is a legally binding document between HEABC and Resident Doctors of BC. The terms of the agreement state an obligation between all parties to provide you and your patients with a safe working environment, while ensuring that you receive the support you need to complete your training and succeed in your profession. Resident Doctors of BC is a certified union with over 1300 members. In addition to collective agreement negotiations, Resident Doctors of BC supports the initial and continuing education of residents to help them become knowledgeable, prepared and professional physicians. We achieve this by promoting excellence in teaching, promoting the professional, personal and financial well-being of members through educational workshops and social events, and working closely with interest groups and the community to improve the training and working environment for BC residents. . . .

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