Construction Design Retainer Agreement

Once everything is agreed, you will be asked to sign a work reserve contract. The amount of the retainer will be deducted from your final draw. You are required to perform certain work yourself, including product and material selection and filing of permits, Approval by the Architectural Review Board, and zoning variance. We will also present you with our offer, including a final description of the work volume, specifications and draw schedule. Our first conversation is to get some basic information about you and your project. If you understand your wishes and needs and the budget you are working with, we can help you realize your developments or new homes and achieve your goals in order to integrate healthy design and construction principles dictated by Step Beyond Green to Healthy. After signing the preliminary design and planning agreement for the project, our lead designer will plan a field or siting operation at your home or on your land. This is the beginning of the development phase of the preliminary project, during which plan options for your project will first be developed. Typically, two or three options are developed, which are then posted for review in accordance with the design agreement timeline.

A plan will be selected from this meeting and the construction budget will be established. Material selections at a very simple level will also take place, but some colors/textures/styles will not take place at this stage. This will give us enough information to give our construction budget, if necessary, more specific figures with allocations. At that time, we also have the flexibility to make different decisions when we get to the budget, given that we have not yet completed the construction drawings. This is one of the advantages of our system. You do not commit to the construction contract until you know the budget. It also gives our customers the opportunity to take a different direction if for some reason you are not satisfied with the budget or the process. We allow our clients to make the pre-project drawings after being declared. However, if we are good with the budget, we move on to the construction contract phase, during which we finalize the architectural drawings, make a selection and begin the construction process. .

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