Ceo Contract Agreement

A written employment contract between an association and the CEO should clearly define mutual expectations regarding the relationship between the association and the CEO. It should clarify the extent and limits of the prerogatives of the executive and the effective employment relationship and document these conditions and relationships for the governing bodies in which volunteer members change regularly. Compensation and other special insurance. The agreement should reflect the association`s agreement to exempt the CEO from all liability and expenses arising from the performance of its obligations, with the exception of those involving gross negligence or wilful misconduct under the right of control, and should indicate the period during which the CEO is compensated. Tasks. The obligations and responsibilities of the CEO should be defined in the agreement. The agreement may contain a separate job description and should relate to the CEO`s obligations under the laws of the country and the association`s by-laws, guidelines and procedures. Hierarchy. The agreement should clearly identify the party or parties to which the executive reports. It should also define the scope and limits of the CEO`s authority. This clause is one of the most important clauses of any agreement. It shall ensure that confidential and private information that is not to be disclosed or privileged by the organisation is not made public.

Identify the parties and their commitment. At the opening of the agreement, it should be clear that the parties concerned are involved and whether the employer is the parent company or a subsidiary. It should also reflect mutual agreement on engagement. This clause indicates the amount to be paid if the CEO stays for a fixed period, either in the form of a single amount paid at the end of the contract, or in the form of a franchise bonus, with an amount that is gradually paid over the duration of the contract. The following points should be taken into account when drawing up a contract for the latter. Not all of the contractual clauses described below are appropriate in all situations and some matters that are not described below may be appropriate in certain circumstances. Performance evaluation. The agreement should provide for an annual evaluation and the evaluation procedure used. (For more details, see the forum`s statement on professional practice entitled „Evaluating the Performance of the Chair of the Association`s Board of Directors.“) Duration of the contract.

The agreement may set the duration of employment and/or it may simply provide that the agreement is maintained indefinitely until it is terminated by either party, as provided for in the agreement. Once a fixed term is set, it should include options for extension, including the automatic extension of the agreement, the notification of non-renewal and the duration of the extension. Employment contracts may benefit the federation and the Chief Executive Officer and are in accordance with the prudent and professional management of the association. The CEO`s job duties, terms and conditions of employment and benefits are different from those of other employee positions and therefore justify an employment contract. An arbitration clause is contained in agreements so that you or the CEO can settle by the arbitrator any dispute that may arise under this agreement outside of court. Others. Indicate the State that monitors the application of the agreement. Consider dispute resolution methods, for example.B. arbitration. .

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