Billing Agreement Suomeksi

You can obtain a payment default entry in your data credit file if a consumer, rental purchase, repo or credit card payment is more than 60 days overdue from the original due date, if the possibility of late payment has been mentioned in the credit agreement and if a written payment request has been sent to you at least 21 days before the late payment is recorded. The default always results from the communal social credit, a sanitation credit guaranteed by the guarantee foundation or a debt adjustment for individuals. Some creditors may also require that a default be made in the case of long-term payment agreements. If you restructure your debt by social credits or by a payment agreement with the creditor, the declaration and duration of a registration for default are usually subject to a separate agreement. In the case of a remediation credit guaranteed by the guarantee foundation, the default usually takes two years and, in the case of an adjustment of the debt of individuals, during the term of the payment plan. Signing up for default complicates your life in many ways because your credit statements are checked when you make different deals. You can choose direct payment as the type of invoice provider by entering into a direct payment agreement with your bank. It can also be done in most online banking services. The reference number of the last invoice is used for identification purposes. Read the good experiences with using e-invoicing and take the following steps to sign an e-summoning agreement. You can use the service via your own bank`s mobile app or via the Pivo app.

The transfer of a debt to a debt collection company does not yet lead to registration. If you`ve traveled abroad, your bill is more likely higher than usual. Calls, sms or data usage abroad are charged according to roaming prices. Roaming prices are generally always higher than standard rates in Finland. These specific conditions apply to the extension of the payment period to OmaElisa. You can use the electronic invoice via your own online bank. Many banks offer an e-invoicing contract as an automatic service when you pay your bill. In this case, it is enough to follow the instructions in this place. If you do not receive such a notification, you can conclude an e-invocing contract separately as follows: The invoice has now been paid and the payment is immediately deducted from your account. In case of payment via the payment buttons, you will be redirected to your own online banking service and you will be able to make the payment through it as usual.

Please note that payment is immediately charged from your account and z.B. cannot be set to the due date. The payment is immediately seen at Elisa, without bank delay. An SMS notification is sent to the phone number you entered when a new invoice is available at OmaElisa. Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and Bisnode Finland Oy, whose activities are based on the Credit Data Act, maintain credit data files. You can check your bad creditworthiness every 12 months for free by requesting an extract from the credit data file. The extract from the credit data file tells you what information is stored about you, how long the entries are kept, and who inquired about your credit data. Please also note that the electronic invoice at Elisa is specific to a customer number. Each Elisa customer number has its own reference numbers.

In other words, to get all Elisa invoices as e-invoices, you need to enter into a separate e-invoicing contract for each Elisa customer number/reference number….

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