Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement In French

The rent may be increased annually, either to an amount and revision date agreed in the lease agreement or, in the absence of the lease, it may be increased each year on the day the contract is signed. A rental agreement is commonly called a surety (pronounced „Bye“). It can also be called more formally under the name of rental agreement. Leases should also be accompanied by a status report, an inventory and an energy performance report. Unlike real estate purchase contracts, leases do not have to be purchased by a notary (notary). Many expats who rent to a non-French household with a long-term rental do not make sure that a lease is prepared. Since 2018, it is also possible to negotiate a „mobility“ lease that we take into account under the duration of the rental. Remember that it is your responsibility to preserve the property while you live there. Rental contracts are offered for furnished properties with a minimum rental period of 12 months and for unfurnished real estate, usually with a minimum of three years. In an unfurnished place, you are probably responsible for the fees if you leave within the year. This may mean you`ll have to pay the full 12-month rent, even if you leave prematurely, although the paperwork and requirement of a guarantor for a short-term spot can be less laborious. As a rule, contracts automatically renew at the end of the initial period.

It must be signed on the day or before the start of the rental period. This applies in particular to the right to a minimum rental contract of one year if it is provided and three years if it is not equipped. Landlords can only terminate the contract if the tenant does not pay the rent or bills, violates the contractual conditions or if the landlord wishes to sell or reoccupy the property. Tenants can resign at any time. Owners have to wait until the deal is less than or equal to six months, unless they want to go to court. Most rentals made directly through landlords in France are unfurnished properties with longer leases (three years). Indeed, landlords do not want to deal with several changes of tenants, which is understandable. Rental agreements, including notice periods, bonds and lease obligations, should be broadly identical to agency contracts.

If you are not sure of anything, ask a lawyer who knows about residency in France to take a look at the contract before signing it. While there is some freedom for landlords and tenants to vary and add clauses, some clauses are expressly prohibited in a rental agreement. Landlords in France have the right to terminate the lease if they have good reasons to do so, for example. B non-payment of rent, but they must follow strict legal procedures. When looking for a roommate, you need to consider additional factors, for example. B the search for people who are able to live, agreements for cleaning rotations and sharing household accounts. . . .

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