Caravan Park Lease Agreement

A long-term lease agreement may apply on a fixed (with an end date) or periodical (without an end date). There must be a written agreement with the standard conditions. The tenant must receive a copy of the signed mobile rental agreement (form 18b) before the day of occupancy. The landlord/manager must send an exit notice to a tenant (form 12). The amount of notification required depends on the circumstances. More information can be found in the Time to Serve messages brochure – mobile apartments or in the rental information statement for a caravan or mobile apartment in Queensland. If you rent land and an apartment, you are designated as a resident and the owner is the operator of the park. At the time of the move, the owner/manager of the park must provide you with the following documents and information: If you are experiencing any of the above problems, you must ask the owner of the park or caravan to correct it. This holiday car rental contract should be used when an owner wishes to grant a short-term rental contract for a static caravan.

Typically, the lease lasts one to two weeks. For more information on home contracts, please contact the Department of Public Works and Housing at 13 QGOV (13 74 68). The lease and registration report are two important documents that protect your property and your rights, and the use of the right agreement and forms is an important first step in ensuring a smooth and smooth lease. In the case of a short-term lease, no written lease is required. However, there must be a brief declaration of tenancy confirming that both parties have entered into a short lease. The right to build applies when a dwelling is: tenants and landlords/administrators have rights and obligations under their contract and the law. Full details can be found in the Pocket Guide information statement for tenants – caravan parks (form 17b). At the end of a short-term lease, a new contract must be entered into if the tenant wishes to stay. A short-term lease can be renewed for a period of 42 days, but only once. If the lease is renewed again, it becomes by law a long-term lease agreement that must be written and which has different rules, such as. B longer termination times, for example.

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