Cadetship Agreement

It is almost a reflection of the Standard Seafarers` Employment Contract (SEC), which contains provisions relating to conditions of employment, housing, recreational facilities, catering and catering, social protection and social protection. It also required that the sponsorship company provide the cadet with health protection and medical care in the event of illness, injury or danger related to training or illness, injury or danger during the term of the contract, as well as a financial guarantee to cover compensation for permanent disability or the resulting death. . Newspapers reported that on 6 March 2018, at 15:20 GMT, a major fire broke out aboard Maersk Honam while the ship was in the Arabian Sea, killing two Filipino cadets from Iloilo. All maritime placements follow the MNTB guidelines for Planned Training at Sea He is a legal commentator on maritime topics in printing, radio and television. . . . On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the cadet (a) to carry out the on-board training program within the allotted time (b) to perform all tasks, tasks, tasks, designated tasks and to comply with the ship`s requirements, rules, directives and procedures; (c) behave in an orderly and respectful manner towards shipmates, passengers, shippers, Stevedores, port authorities and others working with the vessel.

In a class for us, the sea time for the Cadets Bridge Officer over two phases of the lake is 12 months, and for marine engineering and electrical engineer Cadets, it is 8 months. The objective of the agreement is essentially (a) to recognize that the cadet is a student of maritime education and to declare that the cadet is not part of the vessel`s additional work; (b) to allow the cadet to be trained on board the vessel, in accordance with the rules of the Higher Education Commission (CHED) and (c), to ensure the safety and well-being of the cadet during the training until the cadet returns. We will assure you that you are fully prepared, and prior to your membership, you will conduct a maritime phase briefing, including information on ship connection, maritime expectations and a full TRB briefing. We believe that it is this experience that allows cadets to make an educated choice about the sector in which they want to start or pursue their careers if they are qualified. Even though you are at sea, our mentoring team continues to talk to you or help you solve problems at all times. We anticipate that this phase of your training will be a rich and rewarding period, and regardless of your course, we want to help you gain as much experience as possible on a variety of ships.

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