Reminder Agreement Letter

I have enjoyed working with your company over the past two years and I was delighted with the 45% growth we were able to help you. I look forward to renewing our consulting contract to see how much more growth we can achieve. If you wish to renew our contract, please contact me before the expiry date so that the service has not expired. If the letter of formal notice is sent as a result of a change to the original plan or announcement, you should pay close attention to this change. To add the accent, place this detail alone in a separate paragraph, or highlight it. The letter should not be needed for long. Make sure you enter the reason for the letter. Please indicate that the letter is a reminder of what the recipient and sender have agreed to. If you write a reminder letter in the form of a memo, you mention the word „recall“ in the subject line and in the text of the memo. Otherwise, the reader might think that you are sending him new information containing certain details that he did not know anything about in advance. The tips above will help you collect your hard-earned money. An example of a payment reminder can be find here. We also have examples in French and Dutch.

The second paragraph You explain how important it is for the company that the beneficiary pays the money. If this is a second or third recall, be strictly professional, but able to impose yourself and indicate the urgency of the case, and if it is a final reminder, refer to the previous letters and the date they were written and ask for payment. Inform the customer of the consequences in case they do not make the payment. Be as clear as possible of these consequences, so that the customer is fully aware of what is coming. All contracts end at some point, often at some point or after a certain period of time. If you are a consultant, your contract with a client should include the expiry date of the contract as well as the terms of the contract renewal. Even if the expiry date is specified in the contract, it is useful to send your client a reminder letter for the end of the contract, so that the customer does not forget that it expires. Ideally, you don`t want to irritate your recipient, so don`t look impatient and stay professional when you write your letter. This would retain the goodwill of the recipient. The name of the person to whom the letter is addressed Addressed address to the person who addresses the letter to the state, city, and the postcode of the person who is addressed to the letter to the final declarationThis is the last paragraph in which you again indicate why it is important for the customer to pay what he owes to the company. Stay professional and go ahead and even apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The most important part here is your official name and signature to formalize the letter and should therefore be taken seriously.

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