Partnership And Cooperation Agreement Between The Eu And Iraq

The EU-Iraq Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will be the first contractual relationship between the EU and Iraq. It provides a legal framework covering issues ranging from regular political dialogue to development aid, trade relations and regulatory cooperation. The Euro-Mediterranean area has made a number of contacts and sent urgent letters to Members of the European Parliament, including the European Parliament`s Relations Committee and Parliament`s Human Rights Subcommittee, to inform them of the repression of protests in the country and to ask the EU to suspend its partnership agreement with Iraq. „Until the completion of the procedures necessary for its entry into force, Article 2 and Titles II, III and V of the agreement have been applied only on an interim basis, in accordance with Article 117 of the agreement, provided these are matters within the union`s jurisdiction. The provisions of the CPA provide a comprehensive framework for the development and improvement of relations between EU Member States and Iraq, in particular measures that cover trade and investment and have the potential to support growth. Since Iraq is not yet a member of the World Trade Organization, the APC contains essential provisions for trade in accordance with the principles of the World Trade Organization. Implementation of the CPA is underway as Iraq emerges from a period of economic and security challenges, which means that the country will need considerable investment. Many parts of the CPA are relevant in this regard, such as . B public procurement provisions, which can help British companies do business in Iraq. „The UK is committed to establishing a stronger partnership with the EU on security, defence and foreign policy issues. However, we are leaving the European Union and we will not endeavour to participate in these meetings on the same basis as the EU Member States. However, given our historical ties and common values, it is likely that the UK and the EU will continue to pursue the same objectives and will therefore want to cooperate closely on the challenges of the common foreign policy.

This includes close consultation in a number of forums. Participation in the Political and Security Committee and the Foreign Affairs Council, for example, is not the only way to achieve this and it is not the only way for the UK to continue to influence EU foreign policy. Euro-Med has questioned the feasibility of continuing to implement the agreement with the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, which continues to launch systematic and bloody campaigns against popular protests calling for the overthrow of the government because it does not fight corruption and fights against power cuts and unemployment. „The Committee raised the issue of the continuation of the CPA at the bilateral level of the United Kingdom and Iraq after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU or after the expiry of a transitional/implementation period. DExEU has conducted intergovernmental work to assess international agreements that need to be replaced or amended following the UK`s withdrawal from the EU. The priority is to avoid any unintended changes in our relations with third countries and international organizations. We do not want to reopen or renegotiate the content of the agreements. „It should be stressed that there is no model of cooperation between the EU and external partners that mimics the breadth and depth of cooperation between the UK and the EU.

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