Eu Mexico Modernised Agreement

On 13 May 1996, the General Council of the European Union approved a mandate to negotiate an agreement with Mexico. Negotiations began in October 1996. On 8 December 1997, the European Union and Mexico signed an agreement consisting of three pillars: an agreement on economic partnership, political cooperation and cooperation (known as the „comprehensive agreement“), which laid the groundwork for the negotiation of a free trade agreement between Mexico and the European Union; an interim agreement on accompanying measures (called the „interim agreement“) which was the framework and mechanisms for trade liberalization and a final act. The EU and Mexico announced today that they have agreed on the latest elements being negotiated to modernize their trade agreement as part of the broader global agreement. „The agreement will serve as a springboard to increase Irish exports to Mexico. Among the main benefits that Ireland brings under a modernised agreement with Mexico are the opening of public procurement to Irish companies and the removal of technical barriers to trade in order to reduce the costs of entering the Mexican market. The abolition of tariffs will be important for Ireland`s important agri-food sector, particularly dairy, pork and poultry products. Disclaimer In view of the Commission`s transparency policy, the Commission publishes in principle the texts of the EU-Mexico agreement announced on 21 April 2018. Texts are published only for informational purposes and may be amended at a later date, including as a result of the legal review process. However, given the growing public interest in the negotiations, the texts are published at this stage of the negotiations for informational purposes. These texts do not prejudge the final outcome of the EU-Mexico agreement. The texts will be final after the signing. The agreement becomes binding on the contracting parties in international law only after each party concludes the internal judicial procedures necessary for the agreement to enter into force (or its provisional application).

MEPs S and D welcome the consensus reached this week between Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan and Mexican Economy Minister Graciela Mérquez Colén on the new trade agreement between the two partners. While we will carefully assess the final text, we can say that it will be by far one of the most advanced trade agreements ratified by the European Union, with provisions to maintain the implementation of the Paris climate agreement, simpler customs procedures, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption. , with anti-corruption and money laundering measures. This consensus marks the end of political negotiations on trade issues. Once the legal review of the agreement is complete, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament will sign it and it will enter into force. On 30 May 2016, Mexico and the European Union formally began talks to update their current free trade agreement. The first round of negotiations for the modernization of the agreement was held in Brussels, Belgium, on 13 and 14 June 2016. The second round of negotiations for the modernization of the agreement was held in Mexico City from 22 to 25 November 2016. „From the point of view of the comprehensive agreement, I welcome the considerable progress made on issues such as the protection of human rights and political cooperation and development cooperation – particularly important at a time like this, when we need to rely even more on multilateral dialogue and cooperation between peoples.

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