Data Processing Agreement Dropbox

If you are a Dropbox Business customer, please note that you are responsible for the processing and that you have specific legal obligations under the RGPD. In these cases, Dropbox acts as a data transformer. „You can download your own encryption keys to Azure Key Vault, which are used to encrypt your dormant data in Azure data centers.“ Data is also often analyzed for advertising purposes, where it can be used to create a particularly sensitive advertising profile of users, in order to deliver the right products at the right time and in the right place. DropBox has a comprehensive data protection policy and a detailed breakdown of the security measures available to protect the data, and the data appears to be robust; However, their terms include the usual alleged exclusion of any liability arising from the use of the Service, which appears to include data protection violations. Managing your data is essential and a responsibility we take on. We believe that your data should have the same legal protection, whether it is stored on our services or on the hard drive of your home computer. We adhere to the following government principles for receiving, verifying and responding to requests from authorities (including national security requests) for your data: „The files or data structures with customer-created content, written by the G Suite, are divided into sections, each encrypted with its own chunk encryption key („Chunk Key“). Each key is encrypted by a different key, called „Wrapping Key,“ managed by a Google-wide key management service (KMS).┬áSource: These conditions constitute the full agreement between you and Dropbox with respect to the purpose of these Terms and replace all other preconditions or conditions applicable to the purpose of these Terms. These conditions do not confer rights on third-party beneficiaries. There is also a potential problem with cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google and Dropbox, where governments can request the publication of data.

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